A New Partnership with Howick Community Farms

At NIKU Farms, we only work with farms that promote raising their animals in a sustainable and ethical way. We believe in supporting local communities that respect their land and take pride in ensuring animals are raised in the most natural setting possible.

For the past year, we have spent a significant amount of time building relationships with the farming community. The small-scale farms in Ontario are part of a  tight knit community and because of this we are continually being introduced to some of the best farms in Ontario.

One of the original farmers that we worked with was Marlin Martin, of Marita Fields Farm. Knowing our standards, Marlin introduced us to the folks from Howick Community Farms and we sat down with Adam, (the President of Howick Community Farms). Through our conversation, Adam told us all about the partnership he has created with 30 Mennonite farmers around Howick Ontario. The partnership  involves farms cooperating on shared principles:  preserving traditional farming practices and raising animals humanely on pasture in harmony with nature. Animals from pigs, lamb, chicken and cattle are raised on pasture. This includes rotational grazing of their chickens on the field, so that chickens not only remain outdoors but they have continual access to fresh grass. Howick Community Farm builds agreements with businesses only through mutual trust and close relationships.

Farming is about community and local economies. We’re proud to bring this small mennonite community of pasture farmers to you.

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